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Saturday's show "Space and Wave" for poetry anthology

Saturday’s show “Space and Wave” for poetry anthology

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On Saturday, May 28 at 6 pm, independent publisher Seri will present an anthology of poetry, Lo spazio e l’onda. A recently published theory of young poets from the Marche. The event will take place in Largo Crivelli Square in front of the Prosperi Library.

Poets will be silenced Lorenzo favaAnd Michel Ortor And David Tartaglia.
In the event of rain, the meeting will be inside the library.

What is space and wave?
Not an anthology of generations, but an attempt to highlight the spectacle of Marche’s poetry, and the vibrancy of a region full of sounds.

One can say everything about Marche and the opposite of everything, but one cannot help but consider them a complex and phony place.

The cultural vitality that has characterized them in recent decades stems, we believe, from a rare linguistic mixture and from the distinctive morphology of the region itself.

Indeed, there are many names of poets associated with the marches who left fairly wide imprints in the history of Italian literature in the second half of the twentieth century and the first decades of the twenty-first century; Lots and lots are doing that today […] The third dimension of the poetic page, black and white, which has the ability to mix and put all previous considerations into practice. Turning to a quick and by no means exhaustive review of the authors and authors present in this anthology, we can indeed note some repetitions—of a different kind between textual, stylistic, objective, and political—which are worth trying to put into order with the other considerations presented thus far.

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(Foreword by Lorenzo Marie)

to get information:

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