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From 2024, the America's Cup will (finally) have women's circuits

From 2024, the America’s Cup will (finally) have women’s circuits

s.I talk a lot about Gender equality in sports From the time this world began, until recently “inhabited” by men mostly, it finds itself a lot Often in the spotlight accused of discrimination against women intolerable behaviour.

And if the most mentioned sport is football, There is a great need for equality in many other disciplines, Not at all exempt from injustice, a term that goes further to include real harassment.

Ariana Fontana in the Italian sports legend: 10 medals at the Winter Olympics

The valence winds crawling into the sail

Among those there is certainly sailing where, however, something is changing. Just think the file America’s Cupwhere the proportion of women is currently zero, From 2024 it will have women’s circles Thanks to a recently created new regulation. and that The number of a woman captain Participation in major international sporting events constantly growing.


Even in the world of sailing, great strides are being taken towards gender equality

Games just started

But with all hopes that the journey will pass quickly, it is clear that the “games” are just beginning. Also because only in 2019 study women in sailingwritten by global sailing fundAnd Notice the inconvenience at the expense of indifferent athletes.

From wage cuts to harassment

Isolationlow skill considerations, Limiting opportunitiesAnd reduced feeslack of support e harassment They were part of a package of discrimination against women professionals, which so far, despite the great pronouncements, has not completely disappeared yet.


The Sailing Federation is changing the regulations

However, the report led International Sailing Federation To take a clear position by request Immediate regulatory change to some old regulations which was discriminatory.

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In addition to, Sailing was the first Olympic sport to join the Declaration of Gender Equality in Sport for GenerationsIt aims to eliminate gender discrimination in sports.

Sailors are exceptions

Fortunately, in the world of sailing there are champions who have distinguished themselves.

Among them for sure Australian captain Wendy Tuck which, for the first time, in 2018, won a regatta race around the world and five all-women teams have completed the World Tour in Volvo Ocean Race (now called simply ocean race).

The last American sailor A woman wins an Olympic gold medalin 2008, and The women also lifted the America’s Cup. Dawn Riley did this in 1992 and is now the president of one of the leading high performance sailing training centers in the United States.

And Cory Sertel is President of US Sailing, National Governing Body, and Vice President of World Sailing, the international governing body.

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