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Satisfaction with the economic situation grows in 2023 – the last minute

Satisfaction with the economic situation grows in 2023 – the last minute

59.4% of the population aged 14 years and over declared that they were very or somewhat satisfied with the economic situation in 2023, a growth of 2.4 percentage points more than in 2022. This was revealed by Istat in a report on citizen customers’ satisfaction with living conditions. Between 20 and 24 years old the increase is more significant, between 4 and 5 percentage points (up to 60.8%), while for people aged 65 to 74 years it is 62.7%.

Economic satisfaction is maximum for managers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed (72.4%), and minimum for those looking for a new job (35.3%). Compared to 2022, the category of self-employed workers, with regard to job satisfaction, records significant growth (+6.6 percentage points).

Regarding personal economic situation in 2023, the North-South gap is confirmed: the northern regions with 63.3% are far behind the southern regions by about 10 percentage points (53.4%). The center, which includes 60.8% of satisfied people, is witnessing the largest growth compared to 2022, equivalent to 4.1 percentage points.

Provisions related to economic perception at the household level also show signs of improvement. The percentage of families that announced an improvement in their economic situation compared to the previous year increased slightly (10.4% compared to 9.2% in 2022). This growth corresponds to a decrease in the percentage of families expressing deterioration compared to the previous year (33.9% compared to 35.1% in 2022). However, the majority of families, 55.7%, consider their economic situation to be the same.

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