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Samantha Cristoforetti, with whom A Space History speaks Italian

Samantha Cristoforetti, with whom A Space History speaks Italian

When the rocket engines started, it was a dream of a life Samantha Cristoforetti. AstrosamanthaThis is her nickname: Astronaut, Pilot, and Engineer. The first Italian woman on the European Space Agency crew. She was born in Milan The April 26, 1977. Samantha He attended three years of language high school a Bolzano And an academic year in United States of America With a cultural exchange program. Obtained scientific maturity a Trento at 1996.

a Munich at 2001 He obtained a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, specializing inAir and light propulsion structuresDuring his college career he spent four months inSchool National Superior From’Flight And thespace” From ToulouseShe is working on an aerodynamics pilot project. He wrote his thesis (sui Hard Rocket Propellers) During a ten-month research stay atMendeleev University of Chemical Technologies From MoscowAnd the Russia. I finished the academy in 2005At the same time he obtained a degree in aviation sciences inFederico II University of Naples.

Samantha Cristoforetti towards the International Space Station

Pictured is Samantha Cristoforetti:

Always in 2005 Going to United States of AmericaWhere he attends the training programTraining of common European pilots” In the Sheppard Air Force Base. The real turning point in the march Samantha May arrive 2009 When they chose her as an astronaut Which – which (astronautaAgency sPeaceful eUrea). In September of the same year he began basic training, which he completed in November 2010. A reserve astronaut dedicated to Which – whichIn this position, he obtained the first qualifications for additional vehicle and robotic activities, as well as a certificate as an engineer on board the Russian spacecraft. Soyuz.

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To march 2012 To the shipment on International Space Station. Samantha Cristoforetti She is the seventh Italian astronaut and the first woman to be selected for such a mission, which includes important experiences on Human physiology. The mission has calledfuture199 days, From November 23, 2014 All’June 11, 2015. Return Terra Happened in Kazakhstan, All 15:44 Italian time.

His records

Pictured: Samantha Cristoforetti poses with a Barbie inspired by her photo:
Pictured: Samantha Cristoforetti poses with a Barbie inspired by her photo:

With the mission Cristoforite Achieved the European record and female record for staying in space in one flight (199 days), The latter passed in September 2017 from the United States Biggie Whitson With 288 days, And then bypassed him in turn Christina Kochastronaut NASA. From 2015 Samantha Cristoforetti She is an ambassador UNICEF, And a few years ago Mattel Designate a doll Barbie Inspired by it with the aim of spreading positive role models.

In November 2016 From the union with the partner, Lionel was born Kelsey Hope Vera. Her in 2018 Illiterate Astrosamantha. Book is devotedDiary of a Trainee AstronautIn those pages that tell about his experience during selection, training, and his first trip to space Samantha Cristoforetti He trains a second task on International Space Station Due to 2022.

By Loretta Meloni

Cover photo (Samantha Cristoforetti):

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