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Juventus, without CR7 goals and church tears it gets cruel |  News

Juventus, without CR7 goals and church tears it gets cruel | News

In the last few matches the attack has stalled and the Champions League preparations have become more complicated than ever

Plan B, which you could think of next season without the Champions League, was not anticipated or thought out before You areBut Fabio Paratici’s words before the match against Fiorentina were not enough to ward off the ghost. The draw in Florence confirmed the limits of the Bianconeri, which this year has not succeeded in continuing its results.

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A serious limit at a crucial stage of the season like the one in the tournament, with no fewer than four teams (but Lazio is not completely out of the game yet and has a match to recover) in the run for the UEFA Champions League and only three places available (one is already armored by Inter) .

The truth is that the attack has failed for some time, and it’s not a small problem if you want to win matches and you have to win them. In the past five, or from the return of Dybala, a team Pirlo She scored nine times, but among them only four goals were scored by the role players (2 Murata, 1 CR7 and Dybala). In particular, networks Cristiano Ronaldo And tears Federico Chiesa.

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The Portuguese player did not score any goals in three matches, during which he was absent against Atalanta. His final goal is to heal with Napoli. Then many mistakes and palpable nervousness. Uncertainty about the future and general dissatisfaction makes his moment more complicated. On the other hand, an injury prevented the former Viola from challenging his old team and forced him above all to watch the match against Atalanta. Without him, Juventus loses much in terms of attacking risk, by one Square Able to jump over the man and create numerical superiority. Not to mention that Ronaldo’s assists often come from Chiesa.

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Pirlo hopes Ibn El Fan can already recover against Udinese and break the Serie A top scorer as soon as possible. Otherwise Champions It becomes difficult.