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Salerno-United States Print: Meeting between Prefect and Consul Roberts-Pounds

Salerno-United States Print: Meeting between Prefect and Consul Roberts-Pounds


Consul General of the United States at Naples, Tracey Roberts-Pounds, Visited the Governor of Salerno this morning at the State Palace. Francesco Esposito.

Many topics of interest were touched upon during the long and smooth conversation, presence of the American community in the territory of the Province of Salerno, For many American tourists Inspired by the beauties of the Amalfi Coast and beyond, to the point of touching on such high-profile titles International geopolitical situation and consequent increase in security levels.

We also talked during the meeting Economic ties connecting our two countries as well as the integration of expatriates in the Salerno area.

Prefect Esposito underlined the value of hospitality and solidarity of the Province of Salerno, which has deep historical roots.A large number of migrants landed in the port of Salerno, confirmed today.

The traditional institutional cooperation between the two countries was further confirmed, which has been confirmed at the regional level.

In particular, U.S. citizens living in Campania account for approximately 673 of the 239,990 foreigners (0.28%) of which 91 reside in the province of Salerno.

Most of them live on the Amalfi Coast and work as tour operators. Some have also bought luxury buildings, among which the Convent of Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini stands out, owned by an American citizen, because legend has it that the nuns who occupied it in the past created the famous “Sfogliatella Santa Rosa”.