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In the US, ‘super users’ petrol waste – under the lens is under investigation

An American research defines them as ‘super users’ and they are one of the issues that will create a slump in the spread of electric cars and at the same time damage the environment. Not only do they have a negative attitude towards switching to BEVs, but motorists continue to support large-displacement gasoline models that stand alone for high consumption and completely unusual CO2 emissions.
The problem is being handled by the state of Washington (located in the Pacific region) in the United States, which is above all affected by this problem in Seattle and other major urban centers, as well as in the Midwestern states. With the decision of the local government, the issue of ‘super users’ will be solved through a study – funded by $ 450,000 – which aims to further illustrate this group of motorists by evaluating all the variables involved (how much they use, how much they release, and how much they cost to operate the vehicle. Can be stored and how much CO2 is not released into the atmosphere).
Initial estimates from the program indicate that there is a ‘group’ of 10% of motorists – burning 35% of the world’s petrol consumed in the United States alone, and each of these ‘super users’ uses it. 60% more fuel on average, to travel the same distance, for a good American driver.
The study, such as the one being carried out in Washington, may also provide some key policy answers on how green car reports can effectively reach a wider range of American users who have not yet made the decision to switch to electric vehicles in the future. .

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