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Rules and reopening (excluding discos)

Rules and reopening (excluding discos)

Italy with white spots. It will start coloring from next Tuesday. From June 1st In fact, they will come inside White area The first three Regions, Then quickly followed by at least another ten territories. Of these, expect the passage in mid-June, and more Lazio. Here these events are now resolved within the required limits (less than 50 cases per 100 thousand people), so we can keep this pace or reduce it further, targeting the area white from June 14th.

In a passage that takes place early on Tuesday Molis, Sardinia e Friuli Venice Giulia, The first territories declared by the government – going into the range with minimal restrictions. Continuing, from June 7, this is a one-off Abruzzo, Liguria, Veneto e Umbria. They will, in fact, be able to rank all of those regions from June 14 onwards, with a declining trend in relation to events in the next observation (one with data from today’s May 27). At the moment, there are already 50 cases per 100,000 thousand people Lazio There are even Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Baklia And Autonomous Province Trento.

Weddings in churches, townhall and restaurant, rules. Parties and banquets: They are like this

White Zone, CDS and Regions: Compulsory pass for work via short distance and curfew order. Rules for gyms, restaurants and cinemas

Rules in the White Zone

Based on the rules of DBCM March 2, 2021 The Rules The white area has only three: Prohibition Collecting, Duty Interval Social And use Mask. Will be later Reopens In all operations (except) Discos). However, on the heels of yesterday, an agreement was reached between the Ministry of Health, the Institute of Higher Health and the regions providing some additional rules. Precise actions that take place upon entering the white band (for example, without waiting for the “normal” calendar defined by the government to lift the curfew order by June 21). Therefore, those who enter the very low-risk brackets no longer have to respect the curfew order immediately, and “expect the reopening of economic and social activities, for which the current law already provides for the resumption of operations at a later date”. So exhibitions, conferences, theme parks and wedding receptions should be resumed immediately (instead of June 15) but indoor swimming pools, playrooms, spas and indoor playgrounds (instead of July 1). However, under the agreement reached yesterday, the activities involved in these reopens will have to respect the protocols defined for the Yellow Zone, i.e. the mandatory pass for weddings or the prohibited shower in the changing rooms of gyms.

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