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Rome, ballot: Conte backs Qualteri, but Rocky backs down: "Votes are mine"

Rome, ballot: Conte backs Qualteri, but Rocky backs down: “Votes are mine”

“My elements,” he repeats Virginia Rocky. He never says: Voters 5 star motion. Politics these days is communication, and vice versa, it is not a choice of chance: the defeated mayor knows that the bulk of the electoral hoarding collected on October 3 and 4 is primarily personal choice. No one but her can lead. In the bitterness of the fourth place, the believers who stayed in the Capitol lined up the data, at least, the weight of the defeat: Virginia, calculated, collected almost 34 thousand “x” in her name alone, doubling or tripled the enemies. This is of course a small consolation considering the final outcome, but it would be proof that the 19.1% raised in the poll was a political robbery, in that contest “Virginia”, Qualdieri-Michetti vote Still undecided on where and who to go to. According to those who knew her, she would eventually say: “She will definitely not stay home, she will go to the polls”.

Instead, he pointed to which side he was on Giuseppe Conte. The 5-star leader praised his former finance minister on television: “Qualderi worked with me, Of course he is a worthy person, I do not want to reduce the chances of doing well. This is not the definitive endorsement they expect in the Democrats (with the formula of “personal vote”, since Conte lives in Rome) but we are close to it. “ROM is a separate situation – Conte insists – but I think even on ROM the M5S may not be compatible with the right policies.” Before announcing who will vote in the referendum, the former prime minister must shut down the “internal reaction” that is stirring the movement. The structure of the future alliance with the Democrats is more important than capital competition, whether it is organic or not. The other 5 star principals have announced that they will vote for Qualdier: from Condiano Stefano Patunelli to former minister Vincenzo Spadaphora, a close aide to De Mayo (although he did not reveal himself).

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Then there is Rocky. Who did not look for a break with Conte, but did not lose his balance. Stay in the middle of the castle. In Capitol, he called for center-left and center-right candidates. Starting with the second: Today he will see Enrico Michetti, and on Monday it will be up to Qualteri. FDI, Conte Breaks face to face with the lawyer of choice:? Understand? Do not make fun. Certainly they are not corporate meetings, since the handover. The outgoing mayor is playing his game as a political leader. It focuses on themes: work, suburbs, candidacy for the expo. Browse between old and new balances. Say: His personal list, coordinator Andrea Venuto says, could turn into “a permanent civic-based political movement.” There is already the first sign: Representatives of the list of 5 citizens created by Rocky for the competition will meet next week. Alone. Without the M5S. A few numbers: The cartels for “Virginia” received a total of 7%. Against 11% of the movement, in any case in Rome it is essentially “radio”. These are the cards the mayor wants to play last hand. What to do? “I will not leave politics – she assures us by getting the tapir” Stricia “- we are already creating the future”. We will see. One of the most sought after councilors in the municipality in recent years is a man in his entourage in Gwalior, such as former minister Pecarro Scanio. “But now the Democrats recognize some of Virginia’s qualifications.”

Calendar for the Opposition – For now, collect the words of Gualtieri Conte and thank them. He sends messages to Rocky’s voters: “From environmental sustainability to innovation, there is a strong consensus with all pro-democracy and pro-European forces,” he says. Not forgetting Calenda, the third with 20%, turned out to be in his favor. An action immediately targeted by Mycetti’s main sponsor, Georgia Meloni (yesterday he sued Lily Grooper, who accused him of “somewhat neo-fascist world”): Acting chairman, Meloni says, “Who voted for him in good faith at the center’s vote?” : ாலும் We will be in opposition even if the qualifier wins. If I were you, I would reflect on your ability to choose the ruling class.