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Unity impresses demo enemies: the 3D face is almost indistinguishable from the real one

Unity graphics engine has become more powerful. This is evidenced by the two-minute video provided by the company’s demo team showing the latest advances in the engine’s RT3D (real time 3D) technology. What you see in the video titled “Enemies” is actually calculated in real time.

Everything becomes more and more real

If the detailed environmental representation is a scenario now assimilated by players or simple spectators, then short enemies appear above all The results achieved by the unit in reconstructing human faces and hair.

The woman is approaching middle age, a condition that makes it even more difficult to portray the completely unclogged skin that shows the first signs on the face. Unity used an improved 3D pipeline to highlight facial hair and reconstruct the skin itself. Also using a technology called Skin Attachment it communicates directly with the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

The hair’s real-time motions have also been improved, although it still has a slower “speed” of the scene which can sometimes make it look like it’s underwater.

However, the overall score for enemies is incredible for their ability to rebuild a trusted environment and person in real time, Also taking into account environmental influences exploiting ambient reflections and occlusions in ray tracing, Nvidia’s DLSS support To be able to play the demo in 4K, as if it were in original resolution

We can’t say for sure, but the boost Unity has received especially in ray tracing accounts and skin and hair management may have come from the recent acquisition of Weta Digital, a company co-founded by director Peter Jackson and specializing in proprietary technology. Effects and animation of the face.