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Giuseppina Giuliano, a concierge who shuttles between Naples and Milan


The alarm rings at 4, the Frecciarossa train leaves from Naples Central at 5.09 and cannot be missed. Arrival in Milan – delays permitting – at 9.24. Then public transport and entry to school at 10.30, where he stays until 5. At this point he stops at the supermarket to buy something for dinner and back on the train, on the reverse route: train at 6.20 with my arrival in Naples at 10.53 pm and back home at 11.30 pm. Giuseppina Giuliano, a 29-year-old from Naples, has been living this life from Monday to Saturday, every day since September: 800 kilometers every day to get to where she works as a laborer at a high school in Milan, the Boccioni Technical School. in Arduino square. A choice that may seem crazy, but – as she says – it is generally suitable for her from an economic point of view: because with her salary, finding a room to rent in Milan means spending more than the costs of a train ticket.

“I know my work sounds crazy, but when doing the mathematical calculations I judged that it is economically better for me. Of course, it costs me many sacrifices, considering that every morning, including Saturdays, I take the train to Milan at 5. But by now I’m used to it and at the moment it’s okay ”: Giuseppina Giuliano told Il Giorno about her usual routine. And the math he did: With a salary of 1,165 euros a month, he immediately started looking for housing, Colliding with Milan’s high rents, as students, workers and families attest every day, is problematic Widely. For a single room, the average expenditure is not less than €650, and bills, food and public transport must be added to it, with a cost of living no less than that of your city. “In general, I realized that, between rent, bills and shopping, I would have consumed all my salary if I had moved to the North, and most likely I would have also had to ask my family to help me financially. Instead, I like this, while continuing to live in Naples, I was also able to get savings,” he told the newspaper. The train, between tickets purchased in advance and discounts with accumulated points, costs about 400 euros per month. Thus, the rest of the salary, net of the subway ticket and what he buys for dinner, becomes net savings.

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So the decision was, at least for the time being, to continue living with his parents, grandmother and dogs, even if in the end the time he spent together was short, only on Sunday, the only day without getting up early, breakfasts and dinners by train, 800 km For two hours and nine hours in total. Everyday life, which Giuseppina assures, she does not want to last long: she has searched for pensioners, youth hostels and temporary solutions at cheaper prices, but so far she has not found anything. He continues to search, and in the meantime, he travels back and forth in Italy every day.


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