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Disembarkation, Rescue and Saar: Deconstructing the Non-Governmental Organization Do-Good Scam


This morning , Admiral Giuseppe OlesinoHead of Section Three – Port Authority General Headquarters Plans and Operations Plans and Operations, was at a hearing in the Joint Constitutional Affairs and Transportation Committees examining the decree with the closure of NGO ships. The senior officers’ analysis was very comprehensive, discerning the different ways it affects our country. In this way it becomes clear how wrong the updated percentage numbers were by default on the part of the NGOs. But not only that, because the Coast Guard has also contradicted the NGO narrative, highlighting critical issues encountered in the field of operations, which are the same in the eyes of the government.

numbers of migratory flows

In fact, the Admiral explained that our country is affected by different migratory flows emanating from Libya: “one of Tripoliwhich has seen more than 33,000 migrants leave and arrive in Italy, a figure unchanged from last year, and one of the gentlyThere was a very important new influx that saw 20,000 migrants arrive in Italy last yearAs the high-ranking officer explained, the NGO ships operate exclusively on one route, which is that part of Tripoli, especially from visitors. Off these coasts, NGO ships stand ready to wait for sea vehicles loaded with migrants.

the non Governmental OrganizationAs Joseph narrated Olesino“,”She saved more than 11 thousand lives 34% of those games are from TripoliThey are very different numbers, if broken down in this way, compared to the numbers that have been there so far non Governmental Organization The left has erupted to show that it is only a small sliver of immigrants arriving in Italy. Why don’t NGOs also care about the other way from Libya? The admiral explained what worried the Italian authorities most:Large fishing boats of 20-25 meters are used, capable of sailing even in unfavorable weather conditions, carrying up to 700 migrants and we have to intervene in many assets at great distances from the nearest coasts“.

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Port and Security: Consequences of the Piantedosi Decree

The decree signed by Piantedosi is, according to a Coast Guard analysis, useful for comparing erratic flows, despite the whims of NGOs and the left. “It introduces new aspects: NGO ships have always complained that the Italian authorities granted the port of disembarkation too long, even after 10 days. Now pos is set immediately and this It has a positive effect About life aboard immigrants, knowing that they will be transferred to a home port in a short timeOlesino said. The officer then stressed how this ordinance undoes some previously existing security critical issues:They’ve been there before, too Safety issues With people who, after several days at sea, became angry. Therefore, for the NGO ships, there are now better capabilities to handle their duties“.

Multiple bailouts and lack of interest by flag states

as well as on a topic Save several timesOlysinus asserted:If, while going to the indicated location, the ship encounters a unit that needs to be rescued, the captain must intervene and our assets happen to also intervene to rescue several boatsWhat is forbidden is stationing in front of the Libyan coast, which is quite another matter. Moreover, the admiral also wanted to stress how Italy always undertakes rescue operations at sea: “Italy in all cases where commercial units flying the Italian flag have found themselves in a position to provide assistance to persons in danger outside the Italian SAR, in the absence of coordination instructions from Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre The competent by region has always exercised its jurisdiction over it“.

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Giuseppe Olisino then explained, in a hearing before the commissions, that other nations are not equally responsible: “With regard to the Central Mediterranean scenario, a similar position has not been implemented by other countries, including those of the European Union, paying special attention to cases where intervening vessels are attributed to NGOs.Simply put, the rear admiral confirmed his indifference Flag countries For their ships, especially those of NGOs, they place the full responsibility for coordination on Italy, even when the interventions are not being carried out in the Italian Saar. Once again, those actively working on these scenarios underscore the critical issues highlighted by the government which, since taking power, is demanding that international law be applied also with regard to the responsibilities of flag-flying states.


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