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"Postpone this for 20-30 days".  The government (for now) opposes the oppressed regions

“Postpone this for 20-30 days”. The government (for now) opposes the oppressed regions

Theme postponing return School Is on the table Government. The first regional leader to hear it Change After the Christmas holidays, due to the increase in infections, There is Vincenzo By Luca: படத்தில் In the current picture of the spread of infection among very young people, delaying going back to school seems to me to be a balanced and very effective measure – said the number one in the Campania region -. Taking 20-30 days off will allow the spike of infections to cool, which could be another boost in January and create the largest possible vaccination campaign for the student population. It may not be a great move – he says – but in the future it will be possible for students, families and school staff to resume lessons in the presence of greater peace.

School, Sirio: “Waiting for signs from re-opening Cdm on January 5th”

Government: “I will never go back to school

School should not be postponed again after the Christmas holidays. Official government sources assure Adnkronos that it will maintain the administrator’s orientation date. January 10 For students to return to the desks, despite the uprising Infection And race Different Omigron.

The Prime Minister, Mario Tracy, During the conference at the end of the year, had promised that there would be no adjournment. Also, although the epidemiological picture has deteriorated, the line has not changed in the last few hours.

Chiefs on those who have not been vaccinated

“It has been announced that centers will be set up to clear students in view of the reopening of schools. This will be a practical step, the best thing after the holidays, but we do not know this until a few days after it reopens. Postponement of the proposal or admission means that the school will pay for the continuing shortcomings.

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School, return may be postponed. Epidemics warn the government: The hypothesis of postponing a return to the courtroom appears

Children do not have wax in discriminatory form at home

“I have heard rumors circulating about the reopening of schools and the need to keep unvaccinated children at home. It seems to me to be a hateful and discriminatory act that is irreversible. I believe that simple and consistent measures should be taken with the aim of opening schools as soon as possible and always in presence.

Sirio: Subtle problem, we are waiting for symptoms

“School is a delicate issue, and we want to guarantee that, as we have always done since the first day of the epidemic, it will be combined with the colors and automation provided by government order. , During a visit to the Valentino Vaccine Center this morning, in response to those who asked him about the reopening of schools after the Christmas holidays, in light of the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 infections.

Areas under pressure, Jaya: Action must be taken

“I will avoid opening another front, but we will have to intervene in the school. We are waiting for some proposals to be expanded and then we will let them know,” the chairman said. Veneto Luke Jaya. “We are the coordinators of the regions at the national level – he added – and our proposal will become national as well,” he said. However, he reiterated, “Sending unvaccinated children to their fathers is, under the compulsory rule, discriminatory. There is an emergency, something needs to be done, and we are doing this.” The school will “bring into the national table of regions a plan to change the rules regarding the length of isolation and who should do them, depending on the vaccine situation”. This was stated by Luca Zoya, President of Vanito. “It will be the end of the national schedule – he added – I can not give an advance on that, but it will be taken by everyone. Vaccination rates are very high, especially for high schools, so we can better manage attendance,” he concluded.

Technical Schedule in Umbria

This will be a corporate schedule scheduled for tomorrow Umbria Schools will reopen on January 7 as planned. Or postponed due to the development of goiter infections. The meeting will be attended by Pradeshiya Sabha member Paola Agapitiya, area representatives, principals and the regional school office. And union representatives with them.

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