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Revenue roughly doubled compared to Xbox Games & Services in 2019 -

Revenue roughly doubled compared to Xbox Games & Services in 2019 –

We are here again to talk about what we have the opportunity to discover thanks to the ongoing process between Epic Games and Apple. With a document that is only partially censored, we can find out Sony Playstation I was born Revenues Twice as much Microsoft Xbox Regarding games and services. Data refer to 2019.

Information has been shared and commented on before Daniel Ahmed |, Nico Partners analyst. Through the document we can see that Microsoft is one of the companies that has generated more than $ 1 billion in revenue from software and services. Other companies exceeding a billion are listed in descending order: the actual number of Microsoft is the only one subject to censorship. Not bad, because in a later part of the document we can see a graph showing corporate earnings: The company names are not indicated, but by crossing the two parts of the document, we can discover that Microsoft has generated equal revenue of $ 2.2 billion through software and services. However, in the same year, Sony had revenues of 4.1 billion, or nearly double.

These values, however, do not indicate fact I earn Finally on the side of the two companies’ video games. It’s all about profit from games and services. The presence of hardware losses must also be taken into account. As we’ve already shown you, in fact, Microsoft has never made any money by selling Xbox: the hardware is always at a loss. According to Ahmed, the true profit for Xbox would be much less, if not entirely negative.

In the same document, it is indicated that Sony lost about $ 1.7 billion on the hardware side. Truth Win PlayStationThus, it will be $ 2.3 billion during the reporting period. It must be specified that these data are estimates, not accurate data, but give us an idea of ​​the order of magnitude of the numbers involved.

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Finally, here’s a rating Estimated earnings for the games and services side; Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are clearly not the biggest:

  • Tencent – $ 6.3 billion
  • Apple – $ 5.2 billion
  • Sony – $ 4.1 billion
  • Google – $ 3.2 billion
  • NetEase – $ 2.4 billion
  • Microsoft – $ 2.2 billion
  • Activision Blizzard – $ 1.6 billion
  • EA – $ 1.2 billion
  • Epic games – 1 billiards