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Conte-Zhang basta finte attese! Chiarezza subito per decidere il futuro dell'Inter, Marotta ha già il piano B

Conte Chang no longer waits for more clarity immediately to determine Inter’s future, Marotta already has a plan B | first page

Wednesday was the big celebration at Appiano Gentile Pictures, toast and hugs between the president Stephen Chang and Antonio ConteIn the presence of all players. Scudetto Number 19 It would produce at least 50 million, but it still hasn’t solved the most important questions Which relates to the future of Inter in general, and the technical future in particular, which is related to continuity Conte On the Nerazzurri bench. Baby MarottaWhen asked if the coach will stay at Inter, he repeated that there is no Plan B but only Plan A. Like Antonio Conte, Reality. In fact, after his contract expired at the end of next season, There is no certainty about Conte’s immediate future. Ironically, but not by much, Pioli’s assertion on the bench in Milan is safer, even if the Rossoneri team fails to qualify for the next Champions League.

Question marks about Conte’s future, in fact, were delicately scattered by him, Before, during and especially at the end of the trip to Scudetto. His frequent phrases about Need to satisfy the property To clarify plans for the upcoming season, they leave any possibility open, because doubts primarily worry the Zhang family, in apparent difficulties. Selling the majority of stocks appears unlikely for the time being, but no one knows if the economic assistance will be sufficient A new minority shareholder. And not in little detail, because Excellence Not only is there a late payment to the players and coaching staff, however Also the possibility of strengthening the team With international purchases able to allow Conte to have a longer Champions League adventure.

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This will be discussed in the upcoming meeting between Conte and President Stephen Chang, It is clear in there Marotta. A remake of the now famous meeting on August 25 last year at Villa Bellini, when a classic compromise was reached because Conte did not want to resign in order not to lose 48 million net worth of the following two years’ salary, While Zhang did not want to, and above all, he was unable to reach a break that seemed certain, Precisely in order not to shed a total of 96 million it would have cost Suning Group. Conte out of interest, Suning out of convenience Coincidentally, since then, the Inter coach appeared to have changed, becoming less willing to complain publicly about not buying the Kantè he wanted at any cost.

Now that the Scudetto has arrived, won four days ago, there is time to play up front, In the interest of Inter, before the individual champions of the game. So the time has come to take advantage of the clarity as quickly as possible, without waiting for the May 23rd when the tournament ends. Zhang will have to tell Conte if he can and wants to continue as a majority shareholder but above all he will have to decide how much he can spend promoting Inter.. Because one thing is to buy two or three players from the international level, the other to forgo some of the high salaries, and try to contain the spending of youth purchases and low salaries. However, at this point, Conte will also have to be clear, avoiding leaving Inter’s retreat on Day Two as he did in 2014. When he left Juventus, because the purchases he was ordering had not arrived. And then Conte will have to decide whether to stay anywayOr, if they leave because they don’t think they have a competitive team. Everyone will have to be clear about the explanations, without pretending to go ahead with full agreement as it was a year ago.

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Clarity in a short time and at all levels, Therefore, so that Even the fans don’t make fun of themRather, on the eve of the stadiums reopening, as we all hope, on the eve of the season ticket campaign. The concessions, which would have been comprehensible a year ago, no longer make sense today, because that too Marotta already has a backup solution, as it did at the time. An exciting solution called Allegri, which represents, among other things, a new spite against him, the old Juventus ….