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Retirees abroad begin to flee to Italy

Retirees abroad begin to flee to Italy

An interesting change in trend is occurring, as Italian retirees return home to Belle Pais. It sure seems appropriate The era of retreat abroad is coming to an endMaybe on the Canary Island to enjoy good weather all year round.

Has Italy suddenly become more attractive? not exactly. The main problem lies in the fact that I… Advantages that were once guaranteed are off limits They are fading. So let's see what the situation is currently.

The flight of pensioners

Although it is attractive from a tourist point of view, it cannot be denied that it is so for some age groups Dreams of leaving Italy. From brain drain to the migration of retirees. But the latter seems to be going against the trend in recent years.

In fact, people over 65 are returning home. However, we are talking about a specific type of worker. Not Italians who worked “at home” all their lives, and then decided to go somewhere else to relax.

It's about From the brain during flight, or those who have been working abroad for decades. After suffering from being far from family and roots, they feel the need to return, also because… Advantages tax Once enjoyed elsewhere it slowly fades away.

One of my favorite destinations was PortugalFor example, which led to a significant reduction in tax relief in November 2023. From 2020 to 2022, the trend of requests to move to Lisbon, the Algarve or Cascais, for example, decreased sharply, reaching 73.3%. Downward movements as well Germania (24.7%), Belgium (16.4%) e Gran Brittany (5.3%). They keep tempting Spain H States unitedIncreases amounted to about 16.4%. The same goes for CanadaWith a positive rate of 10.3%.

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Does this mean that those who have worked all their lives in Italy will stay here? not exactly. The dream of abandoning pressures and taxes, especially regarding certain regions, is still alive.

An issue so riveting that it drives me INPS leaders demand government intervention Over the past few years. In fact, there has been a mass phenomenon for a long time, where money has left the Bel País, in the form of pension checks, without gaining anything for our economy in terms of consumption.

And you give

He expressed his opinion on this phenomenon Alberto Brambilla, INPS Commissioner and Head of the Center for Social Security Pathways Studies. It occurs in pages ProphetHe explained why today less than 3% of retired Italians actually decide to move abroad.

“Once in many countries The cost of living is much lower. Now I think of Portugal, which suffers from high rents and food prices. In the case of health expenses, everything must be paid for through private insurance. “Moreover, hospitals elsewhere do not provide average quality equal to what we have.”

As we mentioned, there is aObserved trend reversalWith the return of former immigrants to Italy. For example, many return to their homelands after spending decades in Switzerland, but not only. According to the data, every year foreign social security institutions pay pensions to about 400,000 Italians, amounting to more than 3 billion euros.