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Bridge over the Strait, a report on communications with the United States by WikiLeaks

Bridge over the Strait, a report on communications with the United States by WikiLeaks

Matteo Salvini is set to open the construction sites of the bridge over the strait in the summer, and the program report on Roy3 returns this evening to cover the mega-works, revealing some background on the project's history.

According to the hearing, which will be broadcast this evening, the scene around the bridge is international and reaches as far as the United States, demonstrating that the project has been of great interest to Americans since Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State. This will be revealed by WikiLeaks, along with Julian Assange's cablegrams, in which the role of US diplomacy in the bridge affair is reconstructed.

Since 1974, US diplomacy has been at work as evidenced by the cables. A document signed by Kissinger shows an American firm's interest in carrying out a feasibility study and design of the bridge. The company was later acquired by Parsons Transportation Group, which in 2005 sought the support of the US Embassy in Rome for a tender, US Ambassador Ronald Spockley and later President George W. With accurate dialogue from Bush.

Parson then won the tender and today, in the current project which has now been confirmed, he will perform the functions of the project management consultant for the construction of the work, i.e. technical, administrative, management and environmental assistance and related works on the main construction site.

Political background to Messina Straits Company appointments

Today's episode of The Report will devote a large page to the Straits Bridge, and will focus on the work on the Straits of Messina Spa. In particular, a service will examine how the company's managers were appointed. As expected on the Facebook page of Sigfrido Ranucci's project, the network of the Verdini family and their consulting firm Inver, according to the investigation of the Rome prosecutor's office, was considered a passportout to carry out a career in Anas, the largest contracting authority. Country.

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According to the investigators, Umar Mandozi's case is not under investigation as “he has repeatedly applied to Invar representatives to get Anas a welcome and valuable transfer.”

They say from the report: “We don't know if it was thanks to his friendship with Verdini, but it is true that in the end Mandosi was appointed as head of human resources of Streto di Messina. The current CEO of Streto di Messina Spa, Pietro Ciucci, as there was no public selection process, Matteo Salvini. Manage Work 16 Managers Currently Working at Streto di Messina Spa: The site provides no indication of compensation for these executives.

A few days after the interview, it was discovered that “Pietro Ciucci increased his salary from 25 thousand euros to 240 thousand per year. The money is public, but all decisions are stopped by secret meetings”.

There are many things that need to be clarified in the plan that the government is currently committed to implementing, despite the fact that opposition has been central even in the absence of pressing environmental, technological and economic issues.