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Resolution and frame rate revealed for PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S -

Resolution and frame rate revealed for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S –

with launch Elite Sniper 5 Rebellion developers are close to unveiling Details of resolution and frame rate to PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. During an interview with Half-Glass Gaming.

On PS5 and Xbox Series X, Sniper Elite 5 will play a file 60 frames per second It will feature a resolution of up to 4K dynamically. On Xbox Series S there will also be 60 frames per second, but in this case the resolution will drop to 1440p. So, apparently, there will be no graphics options to choose from to prioritize resolution or frame rate.

However, there are no details regarding the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and One X, but we can certainly expect compromises depending on the console, with resolutions that can drop to 1080p or 1440p and the frame rate blocked at 30fps. Anyway, to find out more, we just have to wait.

In addition to the details regarding accuracy and frame, the Rebellion developers in the same interview talked about the development of the Sniper Elite 5 and in particular the use of Photogrammetry To create game assets. In the past, this technology, which involves using images captured in the real world to create game environments and beyond, was only used for some of the downloadable content from the previous chapter.

“One of our biggest accomplishments is the shift to pictorial analogy for creating game assets,” Rebellion said. “It’s something we only really touched on in some of the newer DLCs for Sniper Elite 4, but now it’s one of the pillars in the making of SE 5.”

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“This method gives more detail to everything you see in the game world. We were checking out everything from rocks and trees to tanks and other vehicles. It adds immersion and feel to the game. When you look at weapons, for example. There is a much greater level of detail. It seems that It was used and recreated to be as close as possible to its real-world counterparts. It was a real breakthrough for the series and the way we develop our games.”

We remind you that Sniper Elite 5 will be available from 26 May for computer and console. At launch, it will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.