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Juventus-Lazio 2-2: Milinkovic-Savic a mockery, but it’s a party for Chiellini – football

Milinkovic-Savic caught the joke as time went on, and Lazio in Turin snatched the point they were missing in the Europa League sporting qualification. The Serbian, and previously deflected by Alex Sandro with a Patrick shot, allowed Sarri to recover from the double disadvantage he obtained in the first half with goals from Vlahovic and Morata. The stadium celebrates Chiellini, the factory’s choreography is everything to him, which together with thousands of yellow flags form the word “Chi3llo” record

And in the stands are also Liao, the Portuguese Milan striker who visited Turin, and Buffon, the former Juventus flag. The defender leads the rearguard with Bonucci in front of Perin, and in the attack there is Dybala, the other Juventus player who will receive Juventus at the end of the season. Goya supports Vlahovic with Morata, Bernardeschi, Locatelli and young Meretti playing in the middle. Sarri, the last Juventus coach, is tri-colored and engulfed in stadium whistles when squads are announced, with no building and picks Cabral to replace him. For the rest, Lazio are in typical formation, with Cataldi favoring Leiva and Milinkovic-Savic, among the Bianconeri’s desires next summer. After the ceremony for the Juventus women, who won the Italian league title for the fifth time in a row, the match between the Bianconeri and the Biankelisti could begin.

Cataldi immediately caused Perrin to shiver, as his right from the edge of the area hit the crossbar less than five minutes later. But it is Juventus who take the lead: Morata crosses from the left, Valhović runs behind Marusic and hits his head. Serbs chant ‘Dybala mask’, then hug warmly Chiellini. And the defender at 17′, just like his black and white years, emerges between the standing ovations of the crowd and the greetings of his teammates and opponents, making way for De Ligt and the captain’s armband to Dybala And the fans enjoy a tour of the stadium.

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Meanwhile, on the pitch, Lazio tries to react and become dangerous with Felipe Anderson and Zacani, but without worrying Perin. Indeed, it was the Bianconeri who found the doubling in the 36th minute: Dybala starts the move by playing the heel, then Morata takes the Lazio half-defense for a walk and in turn concludes with his right-footed beat over Strakosha. A break in the locker room, however, shook Biancocelesti, who reopened the challenge early in the second half: In a corner move, Alex Sandro veered Patrick’s header through Alex Sandro behind Perin. The technicians start with a whirlwind of changes, Sarri inserts Pedro while Allegri chooses three substitutions at once (Aki, Kane and Pellegrini) and transfers Dybala to the role of striker. Goya seeks the goal to greet her fans, but fails: in the 78th minute her adventure ends in Juventus, between her teammates and her coach. “Who doesn’t jump on the Nerazzuru is” the fans sang during the stadium tour in front of the Argentine, accompanied by a subliminal message not to “betray” them with Inter. And in the final, there is also room for Lazio protests: Felipe Anderson scored, but Airoldi had previously whistled a foul by Milinkovic-Savic at Bernardeschi before the ball entered the goal. In the last five minutes of recovery, the Serbian’s claw is crucial in the final 2-2 and destroys the last Juventus goal.

BONUCCI CHIELLINI SAYS: “You have been an example and a guide
“Today is your day and starting today you will begin to miss this team, these colours, this dressing room. You have been an example, a mentor, a brother, a friend.” Leonardo Bonucci greets on social media Giorgio Chiellini. Bonucci adds a few hours later: “We shared more than ten years together, rejoiced, suffered, struggled together, fought, won. We won a lot with Juventus, we won something unique with the blue shirt.” .from the last home game of his teammates in black and white. “Living in the field next to you was a privilege, and an honor to me. It was more to live there – he affirms – I have learned from always being sober in all respects. Good luck, a legend. For what is to come. And whatever it may be, you will always do it first in class. We will be Always bound by this invisible thread that accompanied us on the field, in thousands of football battles, in victories and in the most difficult moments.” Bonucci is not the only one who has praised Juventus’ No. 3 on social networks. Manuel Locatelli wrote, “I tried to look at all of your gestures this year. You are an example to me and it is an honor to play with you,” while Danilo recalls the injury his teammate had on his arrival: “When you arrived at Juventus, you had a serious injury, and you didn’t know yourself as you do today, I thought that you would not have the strength to go on. On the contrary, you fought, did everything, rose and were able to lead for a long time.”

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