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Renzi reward 100 euros, attention: someone has to return

Pay attention, there are those who should return the 100 € Bonus! What is happening? So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

the work It magnifies the human being, allowing us to rely on the source of income necessary to be able to cover various daily expenses.

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From food, to home user bills, to the education of their children, there are many times when we find ourselves having to pay Money. If we then put the crisis caused by the impact of Covid and the accompanying increase in prices, it is easy to understand why we always pay special attention to money.

To take advantage of the latter, as mentioned earlier, the work turns out to be particularly important. Many, in fact, look forward to it every month SalaryWhich, however, can reserve nasty surprises in some cases. In particular, it is good to know that someone should return 100 . bonus euro! But for what reason? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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€100 bonus, attention, someone has to give it back: all you need to know

Some time ago we saw together how important it was Pay attention to some variables, including working hours, in case you want to know how much your net salary is. But not only that, the items that determine the net amount in the paycheck also include potential deductions and bonuses.

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Well, just focus on the bonus of 100 euros, as mentioned earlier, many will have to return it. But for what reason? Before we see what happens, let’s remember that a file has been submitted Personal Income Tax Bonus Renzi reward is known to many.

It’s a scale that has undergone some changes over the years, to the point where its value has increased from 80 to 100 euros in salary. If all this were not enough, after the 2022 tax reform, we find ourselves having to deal with some significant changes.

€100 bonus and tax reform 2022: follow the news

Going into details, it is good to know that Renzi’s previous bonus will continue to be recognized for employees Income up to 15 thousand euros. Moreover, under certain conditions, it will continue to be recognized also for those with an income of up to a maximum of 28 thousand euros. In particular, in the case of an income of between 15 thousand and 28 thousand euros, it may not be recognized or it may be provided in a reduced scale.

This happens if other deductions, such as those for dependent family members, employees, first home loans, and construction work, end up exceeding the total tax owed. Even after the reform of the personal income tax brackets, which decreased from 5 to 4, many will continue to receive100 € bonus.

€100 bonus, someone has to give it back: this is it

they are entitled to Bonus 100 EUR, we mention, for example, employees, but also coordinated and continuous project-based co-workers, as well as mobile workers, laid-off workers and those working in cooperatives. Self-employed, retired and domestic workers are not entitled to it.

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While many will continue to receive this reward, on the other hand, as mentioned earlier, many will have to bring it back. Well, going into details, these are the workers who fall into the incompetent income bracket, i.e. Under €8,174 per year. But not only that, even from Exceeding the €40,000 limit. On the other hand, workers who fall within the income groups between 28 thousand and 40 thousand euros, will have to return only partially.