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Release Date and new for iPhone

Release Date and new for iPhone

As Apple itself has confirmed, the new iOS 17.4 operating system for iPhone and iPad will arrive soon and will add many new features.

It seems that the new iOS 17.4 operating system is about to arrive! There are only a few weeks left until its official release for iPhone and iPad.

Apple released the current iOS 17.3 operating system several weeks ago, introducing some new features and resolving several issues. But the European Union imposed new conditions on Apple and all users of digital stores.

In particular, there is talk about the arrival of Sideload, which will radically change the security and use of applications on the iPhone.

iOS 17.4 release date

As for the possible release date, iOS 17.4 should arrive with watchOS 10.4, between March 4 and 7, 2024, if all goes well, as Apple itself confirmed through a press release.

Furthermore, the new European law will go into effect on March 7, so Apple must officially comply with it by that date.

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Expected news

    1. Sideload added on iPhone and iPad;
    2. The new and additional European commitment to choose a web browser other than Safari has also been added on iPhone and iPad;
    3. Including a system to detect malware and fraudulent or illegal services, when installing Sideload applications;
    4. New emojis added for 2024;
    5. New live stopwatch added;
    6. Added support for “Siri” but not “Hey Siri” in Germany;
    7. Siri now supports multi-language functionality when we receive or send a message;
    8. A new option has been added for the “Anti-Theft” function on iPhone, which is now enabled with two different settings;
    9. The address bar in Safari is slightly enlarged;
    10. The Music app renames the Listen Now tab to Home, with a new home icon;
    11. Clear references are found of the new iPad Pro of 2024 with OLED display, but also with horizontal Face ID;
    12. Apple Pencil 3 is Apple's first digital pencil to offer Where Is search functionality;
    13. Under Settings there is a new “selectable area” tab in the General/Info menu (not turned on yet);
    14. Game streaming apps are now allowed on the App Store worldwide, meaning services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW can be offered as standalone apps for iPhone and iPad;
    15. The Podcasts app now displays verbatim transcripts;
    16. AirTag will be able to disable tracking notifications or ask the owner to share everything in the Find My app;
    17. The Maps app is about to add a feature that will ask the user to choose another mode of transportation, if they are using a car for example, to have a lower climate impact;
    18. The NFC chip functionality in iPhones powered by iOS 17 has been completely unlocked across Europe (it doesn't work yet);
    19. 7 new CarPlay 2.0 apps arrive with this update;
    20. New connectivity, with control attached, for music on HomePod and Apple TV, provided you have permission from other family members;
    21. New stopwatch live activity feature;
    22. Resolves critical security issues on iPhone and iPad;
    23. Minor fixes.
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In short, we are waiting for this new, important, and useful update to arrive for our iPhone and iPad which you should absolutely do!