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Regional elections confirm Piedmont Cerio: ‘Encore never given’ – News

Regional elections confirm Piedmont Cerio: ‘Encore never given’ – News

As expected, Piedmont reaffirms Italian Alberto Cirio as head of the region, thereby winning a second term as governor. Two hours after counting began, Dem challenger Gianna Bentenero acknowledged her victory in a phone call. Shortly after, Antonio Tajani, secretary of Forza Italia, and Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, praised Sirio. At the time, Sirio was in his studio in Alba wearing jeans and a white shirt. He is succeeded by his two sons and his close associates. The distance between Cirio and Pentenero travels over 20 percentage points. In 2019 Cirio defeated outgoing governor Sergio Ciamparino with 49.86%, who was held off with 35.8%. Sirio’s victory, looking at the success of its civic list Sirio Presidente, is close to 11.5%, behind Fdi with 24.55%, but Fi-Udc-Pli (10.1%), Lega (9.41%) and Noi Moderati (0.69%). .

The other three presidential candidates are a considerable distance away. Five-star candidate Sara Dzapato with 7.79%, Francesca Frediani (Popular Union) and ‘anti-establishment’ list candidate Alberto Costanzo (Liberta) are far from the 3% threshold. “I am very satisfied with this decision – Sirio commented – and I am especially satisfied because five years ago I became the governor of my region. It is unusual, but I am new to the environment of Turin. Many people do not know me Piedmont citizens.” “In this region – the winner of the elections – the confirmation of the outgoing government is not a given. Think of those who preceded me, like Mercedes Presso and Sergio Ciamparino (both members of the Democratic Party, ed. ), who were elected in the first term but then not reconfirmed”. The last encore was Italian Enzo Giko, elected in 1995 and confirmed in 2000.

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“I think it’s rewarded me – I noticed Sirio – I’m a person among people, I listen to everyone, and I always try to find a balance”. “We tried – Pentenero – to do everything possible for a result that was only partially achieved, so we must take it into account and continue to work for Piedmont with great intellectual integrity”. The note is a late indication of his nomination by the Democratic Party. There is also regret over the lack of agreement with the M5s: ‘Something could have changed. We kept the door open, but no one in the 5 Star Movement wanted to take a chance and they decided not to start the planning and political journey with us. The party emerged from a split between Daniele Valle and Chiara Gribaudo, supported by Bonaccini supporters and representatives from the Schlein area respectively.

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