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1.2 PureTech between lights and shadows

1.2 PureTech between lights and shadows

1.2 Puretech engine Stellantis represents an enigma: on the one hand, it has achieved a remarkable commercial triumph, having been adopted in various models from Peugeot, Citroen and Opel; On the other hand, created A series of inconveniences related to her drive belt. However, the first ones are starting to appear Updates for the hybrid variant.

An article on the current status of PureTech 1.2 engines was recently published by L’Argus, a leading French magazine. As a result of the previous difficulties they faced It brought Stellantis to the edge of European collective action, the mild-hybrid version of the 1.2 PureTech, equipped with a 48-volt system, is now equipped with an improved timing chain instead of a belt. However, some minor issues do arise that vary from vehicle to vehicle, due to the large number of models involved Latest recalls.

Problems and treatments

In France alone, around 14,000 vehicles between the 3008, 5008, 208 and 2008 (MQ3 campaign launched in April 2024), as well as more than 2,000 C5 Aircross vehicles (MP6 campaign), will have to return to the workshop. Some Opel Corsa and Grandland (KMB campaign) may also present the same problems, with a long list of possible interventions. In some cases, you will also have to replace the transmission, although this only happens 0.01% of the time, according to Stellantis. However, it reaches 0.02% of cases Replace the 48V traction battery. The list continues with inverter replacement occurring in 0.6% of cases, while DC converter replacement is much rarer, affecting only 0.004% of cases.

The most common intervention (66%) is the addition of A Protection to avoid contact between water pipe and left front suspension arm. Due to the wide range of interventions, intervention times vary widely, from 30 minutes to more than 9 hours of labor. As if that wasn’t enough, Stellantis recently authorized a new recall for the 208 and Corsa due to a potential clutch issue, which can be resolved by reprogramming the specific control unit software. This problem was resolved in about 25 minutes and affects (again in France) 3056 Peugeot 208 and 229 Opel Corsa. At the moment, we do not have data regarding the Italian car fleet.

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Currently, the new 1.2 PureTech is in its third generation (Gen3) and does not seem to offer the problems of its predecessors, although the three-cylinder architecture remains unchanged, There are many differencessuch as a timing chain instead of an oil bath belt.

The variable geometry turbo has also been completely revamped, optimized to reduce consumption without compromising performance. The original 1.2 PureTech version didn’t show its flaws until long after its release, but we hope there’s nothing to fear in the updated and improved version.