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Recycle old leaves, they can become growing plants: here's how

Recycle old leaves, they can become growing plants: here's how

What can you achieve if you recycle things like old papers? It sounds silly, but they can They become plants for cultivation. It is possible to succeed in an intention as noble as it is practical, by following an easy guide, but all its steps must be respected. The most interesting aspect? It's about to A gift to give to the people you love most!

In fact, it is not just an environmentally sustainable gesture, but an original idea that makes the ideas special. Anyone can do it, too because It's a simple thing. Here's how to turn old leaves into plants!

Recycle old sheets this way, environmental sustainability is convenient!

Many people abandon similar initiatives because they are convinced that obtaining such results takes a long time. Instead, it comes down to it Simple and quick exercise, but with guaranteed result. Here are the steps to take and how to make people who love the environment happy in all its aspects. Sometimes you need to combine a little imagination with good intentions, and you can positively surprise even the most skeptical. It is not true that the original gifts no longer exist, but it is good to participate in them, and what are the results!

Environmental care, hacks for special things using recycled

Old leaves can become growing plants. This makes caring for the environment not just a goal that can be achieved in daily life, but rather an environmentally sustainable lifestyle that can be achieved easily and without any effort, neither of an economic nature nor a waste of time. So, enough of the meaningless excuses and useless justifications, here is the perfect guide to an unconventional gift. How do we do?

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First you need to take some old leaves. any? They are good in any shape, size and even written. You need to cut it into small pieces and mix it with water, and you need to add double amount of paper. Then choose the flower seeds you prefer. This is where personal taste really comes into play. You can choose your favorites or those that best reflect the taste of the person receiving the thought of environmental sustainability.

They are added to the mixture of water and paper, mixed, and then the mixture is filtered. Nothing mixed. Once this step is completed, a soft dough is obtained that must be crushed and rolled. The sheets are dried in the open air overnight, and you can also wipe them with a cloth.

Finally, it is cut according to the shape that reflects your taste, whether it is rectangular or round, it does not matter. The thought is written on it, And voila, plant leaves can be given as gifts to give life to new organisms! Being environmentally sustainable equates to living in a healthy and revolutionary way.