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Radio after the events in Washington

Radio after the events in Washington

The attack on Congress in Washington, on the occasion of the certification of Joe Biden's election as President of the United States, left everyone in a state of disbelief.

A story that shocked everyone, especially the media, which on the evening of January 6 had to manage an event that was more unique than rare.

Celebration day and time (evening for Italy) It allowed a few broadcasters to cover the news of what was happening immediatelyif not in the news spaces.

Rai Radio 1First of all, it once again confirmed the ability to live and continue the story of the American story throughout the night.

Hence the attack on Congress Most commented news At the opening of the morning live broadcast for all radio stations.

Some did it through the media, some gave a satirical touch to the story and some opened with the news but then shifted attention to other topics, as it should be, Based on the “nature” of the source itself.

Sure, in our “small” way, we can see that from the FM-world app data, Rai Radio 1 It was the most followed station overnight (with well above average contacts) and this remains the case, with update 8.30 being the latest update.

In a world increasingly rich in media and devices, Radio emphasizes an important role when people are “hungry” for news.

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