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PS5, will the model with removable disc drive be announced tonight at CES 2023? –

The new model of PS5 With removable drive Will come announce At the conference to be held by Sony tonight CES 2023? The possibility is there, but for well-known leaker Tom Henderson, it’s very unlikely that it will happen yet before the console’s supposed launch window.

It was Henderson himself who revealed the existence of a new PS5 model with a removable disc player last September. According to the information provided by the leaker, this copy of the Sony platform will go to replace the currentallowing the company to save production costs.

Personally, I’m not entirely convinced (that the new PS5 will be presented tonight, Ed), as this model is set to launch in September 2023“Maybe an announcement later in the summer would make more sense,” Henderson wrote.

Tom Henderson’s information is always quite reliable, so let’s imagine that there is also a concrete basis of fact for the new PS5 model with removable disc drive, and that this version of the console will actually hit stores in the coming months.

So it remains to understand what will actually be presented during the conference that Sony will hold at CES 2023 tonight, starting at 2.00 am Italian time. Will you stay up to track her down?

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