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Practical Furniture – How to get three rooms even in a small space

It is not true that when you have a small home you only have to make sacrifices. With a few little tricks it is still possible to have an apartment full of comfort even with only three rooms.

plaster wall – When you want to have a large room despite the small space, the password is gypsum board (two sheets of cardboard including quarry plaster core). In the case of a three-room apartment, plasterboard allows you to completely partition each room from scratch with only partial separation between one room and another to give greater depth.

Color choices – If you want to have three rooms in a few square meters, you must focus on very intense shades (yellow, yellow, yellow, green), in order to affect the heights and the individual function of each room. Obviously, the chromatic project must go hand in hand with the architectural project, with targeted combinations to make the proportions more proportionate. For example, teal is a relaxing color that’s perfect for a bedroom.

Starting points for a three-room apartment in a small house – Get rid of the corridor, open the living room, define the new storage units anyway (utility room, wardrobe). The ideal is to focus on the entrance to the house that opens into the living room of the house. The bedroom should be the most secluded room of all, with dimensions such as to be able to accommodate a wardrobe or other furniture items. From the entrance to the kitchen, a few meters of silent space can be used for a wardrobe, shoe rack or bookcase.

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