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The actress leaves the home of Silvia Sletti and Pazzini

The actress leaves the home of Silvia Sletti and Pazzini

The assurances, which we await with confidence, would like to end the conflict with effects and intrigues more complex than after the separation Ambra Allegrior return the apartment that should have been their home in Milan to its rightful owners, Giampaolo Pazzini And the wife Sylvia Slite.

Conclusion would like amber Citizen, X-Factor judge, translator i belong to younow about to embark on a new journey away from the rooms in the Moscova area he was planning to share with his partner at the time, Massimiliano Allegri. amberAccording to sources Peoplewould leave the property.

Ambra leaves the chosen house with Allegri

Coach JuventusThen, she backed off causing a media storm that caused unmanageable side effects like tapirs, painful separations, and posts that produced Jolanda Ringa And the same actress.

Finally, the chapter on the house in the Moscova district, in Milan, done by the couple Pazzini They decided to hire by virtue of their friendship cheerfulwho signs the contract and pays the rent regularly, then the occupation amber of the usual residence of a family Sylvia SliteWho, along with her husband, decided to take legal action after waiting for the actress to vacate the property after a regular deadline, according to her statement.

Sylvia Sletti’s new attack on Umbra

It can also be guessed that the end was close to another element. Last October 3, as Fuori dal coro showed, Qazi was fired x factor. With a writ of affirmation, the judge sets a deadline for the release of the property which is usually within six months, which is reduced to two months if the rent is not paid.

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The same amberWhich the correspondent of the program is following, he preferred not to answer: a No comment Which seems like an option consistent with the recent past. document where “name Massimiliano Allegriher ex-boyfriend Amber Angiolini and holder of a lease that expired on June 30. As we have read, he is not against the endorsement, on the other hand, he has not lived in the apartment for months, and the one who is squatting is Ambra.

In her defense, the actress has always preferred to entrust the responses to her lawyer and not yet make communication errors You slip He had decided to break the silence on social media and short circuit the story of their home in Milan.


Amber fell silent in front of the last barb

Since the dispute related to the apartment owned by the spouses Pazzini In Milan’s Moscova district, with plenty of documents on hand on social media and in interviews by the well-known event organizer, the situation quickly deteriorated.

Amber Angiolini Personally, he has never given any denial or insinuation regarding the accusations he made Sylvia Slite trust in Wild Lucarelliafter the interview conducted by the wife Pazziniwith “everything in the hands of lawyers”.

The same lawyers who then took action to deny what was stated in the blogs and imaged by various networks, considered “inappropriate by referring to purely personal events”.

Ambra still occupies Pazzini’s apartment

Sylvia Slite and her former striker husband Giampaolo Pazzini, They had rented the house to amber And the cheerful It’s June 2021, when they decide to move to a popular seaside resort where the family stays until the summer, waiting for their house to be repossessed.

Upon termination of the contract, damage. amber He should have packed up, but he didn’t because of the way he brought it back You slip:

We find out that the house will not be vacated until those who have lived there up to that point decide to leave. As if it were his home,” the wedding planner clearly explained.


The house of Ambra and Allegri: the agreement with the Pazzinis and the contract

And the relationship between Ambra and the Juventus coach was severed, as it is known near the expected transfer to. cheerful to me MilanWhere she lives and lives the eldest daughter Valentinabut their story saw an abrupt break that has become a topic of discussion before amber And the permanent silence of the technician who defended his choices and his private life.

In this house, however, the actress and her daughter Yolanda They would stay and postpone moving on repeated occasions despite assurances of that Sylvia Slite He confirmed that he had received the order before moving on to the official procedures.

Sylvia Slite and your husband, Giampaolo Pazzini They agreed to publicly denounce the incident, via social media, and the irony they slipped into, ending up with what they saw as the arbitrary occupation of their home.

Epilogue: Amber left the apartment

“Ambra Angiolini has finally cleared the house of the married couple Silvia Sletti and Giampaolo Pazzini. In fact, the two of them took possession of their house a few days ago,” reads the post shared on Instagram late in the morning of Tuesday, November 22 by People.

Forced and expected transformation of the couple who, on the occasion of the tapir delivered Valerio Staveley, he spent his words confident and full of hope, almost certain that this absurd tale of clashes and entanglements would soon come to an end with the return of the keys and the restoration of their master home. flat that amber He would like to share it with the above cheerfulHowever, the consequences took on unexpected dimensions. Her too, probably.

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