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Pouring fresh lava at night. Sunken homes in La Palma, the video makes an impression »

Canary: New lava flows at night. Sunken homes in La Palma, the video makes an impression

volcano eruption Cumber Vega to La Palma, one of the islands that make up the Spanish Canary Archipelago, already has A hundred homes were destroyed, destroyed by lava that continued to flow towards the coast, burying several roads and a school. The flow, which has already reached 1100 ° C, is advancing at a speed of 700 meters per hour along its western slope, descending towards the coast.

Meanwhile, the Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology explained that although it remains difficult to answer the question of how long an eruption can last, based on the duration of past events, it can be assumed between 24 and 84 days. The height of the flow in some places reached more than 10 meters, according to Copernican data cited by El País. Volcanologist David Calvo said in connection with Spanish public television from the eruption area that it is located near the volcano.Impressive explosions” from “lava bubbles” that it “ash rain“.

Local media reports how firefighters are making desperate attempts to prepare a furrow in the ground, thus trying to prevent volcanic material from completely conquering the city’s urban core. todoc, which has a population of about 1,300, all of them have already been evacuated.
They were on the island About 6000 people have been evacuated, including several hundred tourists.

The Video above.