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Postepay to avoid revenue agency controls

Postepay, a new phishing scam: Do not open this message

Bad news for Postepay card holders, who find themselves having to deal with a new scam attempt. So let’s get into the details and see what happens.

Postepay (Image Source: Web)

After the impact of Covid on our lives, we had to change many of our habits. A clear example is the use of masks or social distancing. A new way of connecting, which leads to an increasingly widespread use of various devices electronicThanks to him, you can keep in touch with friends and relatives even if he is physically far away, by sending E-mail, but also social networks, short message and instant messaging applications.

In addition to the countless advantages, these tools also bring with them pitfalls. Often times, in fact, some scammers try to make the miserable person fall into the trap, through the gods trying to cheat Specially designed. A clear example of that Fake message to download Green PassPlus, fake online insurance scams. If all this wasn’t enough, a new scam attempt against cardholders was recently reported Postpaid. So let’s get into the details and see what happens.

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Postepay, a new scam attempt: Beware of fake messages for blocked operations

Postpaid Card Payment

Postpaid It is the most widely used prepaid card in our country. Because of this great success, unfortunately, it often ends up in the crossfire of some malicious people, who try to take advantage of the name of this payment tool, in order to extort money and sensitive data from the unfortunate on duty. The obvious example is one New phishing attempt, which sees many users having to deal with very fake and scam messages.

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The fraud is carried out, in fact, by sending a false fake emails or sms, The one who sent it really seems to be Italian Post. In fact, this is not the case. This appears to be a message by which the user is informed that Your account functionality has been disabled, where checks should be carried out after excessive use.

Thus, all operations will be, according to the message reports prevented, to the point that it is not possible to make payments or withdraw funds. Through this message, then, yes Invite the user to update his online banking profile, through a specially sent link. As you can easily guess, this is a fake link, intended to extort the personal data of the recipient of the connection. By entering data related to your Postepay, for example, you risk emptying your account within a few seconds.

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So it’s best to pay close attention and never remember not to give your data to anyone. At the same time it is recommended Never click the update linkInstead, proceed to delete the message in question as soon as possible. Only in this way, in fact, can you avoid having to deal with unpleasant inconveniences.