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Polls surpass Democrat Fratelli d'Italia Swg Institute.  Center-right moves backwards, but Pd-M5s-3 points ahead of left

Polls surpass Democrat Fratelli d’Italia Swg Institute. Center-right moves backwards, but Pd-M5s-3 points ahead of left

The Pd Excels Brothers Of Italy, Moves back to center-right. Emerges from a recent survey by Swg For that TgLa7. Maybe it’s the result of a national unity government, maybe a long wave of municipal elections or maybe they have something to do with it. Ignore e Indecision They are always very high (overall overall) 40 percent) The fact is that the consensus picture of political forces is changing week by week. As PtMedia points out on Twitter, Swg is the seventh company to top the Democrats in the past month. Others Index Research, Bipoly, Ipsos It’s the same PtMedia. Three polling stations are in the lead fdi (Political Thermometer, Known polls e Emg-water) According to the other two, the two political forces are in equality Laboratory21 This is the first party at the moment League. This difference is because the first 4 parties are very close (downward).

In the Swg poll on Monday, therefore, the Pd It gets almost half a point in a week and reaches 20.5 percent Brothers of Italy It stops paying a decline of 0.3 20 net. And decreases slightly League (-0.2) It loses contact even with the 19 percent stake. The quartet closes M5s It is almost constant at 16.4. Step back slightly Come to Italy Is at 7, following that Action From Carlo Calendula This is always 4 percent. Under the ban, all other smaller parties are in: 2.3, according to the Trieste Institute Green Europe (Slightly growing) e Subject 1 (Slightly down), then Left Italian Al 2,2, Italy Viva In 2.1 (as already indicated by other companies, the Renzian Party was revived) + Europe 1.9 and Courage Italy From Giovanni Totti e Luigi Brugnaro At 1 p.m. Unspoken Voters The 40 percent.

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With these figures The Center right Will still be ahead 46.8 percent (Three big parties and Courage Italy), but it will be brought closer later Center left Pd, understood as the union of the M5s and the forces on the left. They are excluded from this program Italy Viva e Action.