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Shock penalty: a cat scratches the owner and shuts him outside the window on the 14th floor of the building

Shock penalty: a cat scratches the owner and shuts him outside the window on the 14th floor of the building

Punished for scratching. But not without punishment: the cat was placed from a window on the 14th floor of a building in Krasnoyarsk in central Siberian Russia. According to eyewitnesses who posted the photo on social media on the evening of November 2, the animal has been sitting on the windowsill all day.

Someone wrote that he tried to talk to the owners of this cat, and from what he learned that the cat would scratch its pregnant owner and from there the terrible punishment would come. “Her husband said that they did not need a cat and that they would sell it to someone with money. Then he changed his mind and threatened to call the police, and slammed the door in my face,” says another resident.

City authorities said, however, that the police had not received any reports of the case.

On the same days, another episode of animal abuse also occurred: on November 2, it became known that in the Mansky district, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a fox cub was wounded in the neck with an arrow. Now the animal, which has disappeared from its usual habitat, is being sought by hunting control agents, and the police are looking for the perpetrators of this gesture.

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