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New Esselunga scam on WhatsApp: How to identify it

The WhatsApp It remains one of the favorite tools of scammers and creators tricks. The reason is simple: billions of people use it every day, and exchanging links is a daily practice. Clicking on it is almost automatic and if you don’t pay attention there is a risk of emptying your account. The latest scam in this series involves, in spite of itself, the unaware long SMilano chain is famous in the world of supermarkets. What happened.

Beware of the new scam empty account on WhatsApp

For a few days now a new scam has appeared The WhatsApp, which uses the brand of the Esselunga supermarket chain. Under the pretext of winning a virtual (and non-existent) shopping voucher from ben 500 euroSensitive data is required: name, surname, tax code. But also – and above all – credit cards and checking accounts.

Isilunga intervened by issuing a statement clearly declaring that he had nothing to do with it: “We note that in the past few days there have been numerous reports regarding the receipt of letters that constitute False coupons Expenses. We remind you that sending such messages is out of any possible form of control long S And that any contests or prize distributions promoted by Esselunga are published exclusively through the company’s official channels.”

WhatsApp, a new scam “exploiting” Esselunga: the former

This is not the first time that Esselunga has been a victim of scams with its clients. In 2021, one of these faked the celebration of a (caught) discount, luring the unfortunate with a fake app in which a mobile game was simulated, leading participants to believe they had won another shopping voucher.

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To avoid falling into these traps, the advice is always the same: never provide sensitive data, and never click on links provided via short message NS The WhatsApp, especially if they contain spelling and/or grammatical errors. However, getting caught in it can happen anyway. In this case: Report everything immediately to police postal, then block credit cards and notify the bank if checking account information spreads. Finally, change the password of the provided accounts to the dummy site.

There are other account clearing scams reported these days: