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Political polls don't double down on Maloney

Political polls don’t double down on Maloney

Brothers of Italy Double League And action violates Come on Italy. According to the latest Euromedia Research poll (August 29-30), this will be the trend for the September 25 poll. The Party Georgia Meloney It stands at 24.6% (+1.1 compared to the last survey of 22 July), thus doubling the consensus compared to Carrossio, which stops at 12.5% ​​(-1.5). Democrats came in second with 23.1% (+0.3). Action-Italia Viva will reach 7.4% (-0.8%) while Forza Italia will be 7% (-0.7). The five-star movement will rise to 12.3%, while growing by 3.1% (again as per the latest survey on July 22). The survey approved Italexit di Gialuigi Paragone by 2.8% (+0.1).


The coalition between the Greens and the Italian Left is 3.1% (-0.1). Noi Moderati di Lupi, 2% (+1), + Europa di Bonino-Della Vedova 1.5% (stable), 1% (-0.5) attributed to Di Maio’s civic commitment. area center right It would receive a consensus of 46.1% against the center-left’s 28.7%.


35.4% of voters interviewed were still undecided, down only 1.4% from forty days ago. 23.8% are still not sure whether to vote and 76.2% are not sure which political party to vote for.

Pessimism and concern about energy and work

For Italians interviewed, the survey showed that the new government should address the issue of prices and inflation as a priority (47.4%); energy crisis (45.7%); Work and employment (40.5%). However, pessimism prevails over the executive’s ability to deliver significant results on various emergencies emerging from the polls. In particular, there is pessimism on the labor and employment front (37.3%). 35.5% respond pessimistically on solutions to the energy crisis.

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