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Pininfarina x La Martina “The Modulo Edition”

I deserve a capsule brand lanciano la loro prima “see now buy now”
Inspired by the design of the Modulo concept car

The collaboration between La Martina and Pininfarina continues as the concepts of sporting lifestyle and Italian design meet again. The values ​​that unite these two distinctions are those that share innovation and a passion for detail. Together they launched their first “see now buy now” capsule, now officially for sale on La Martina, inspired by the design of “Modulo,” a concept car designed by Pininfarina in 1970 that has become a symbol of elegance and collaboration.

The synergy between La Martina’s heritage and the avant-garde Pininfarina perspective develops in a collection that celebrates the past, the future, tradition and innovation. La Martina, synonymous with polo and passion, is associated with cutting-edge Pininfarina technology.

From this link, three creative men’s outfits are presented, in a limited edition and with a repeat of “3”, the number owned by the “director” and the best player on the team in the polo game: a technical cloth jacket with a high collar, hood, front zip closure and printed logos from Front and arm (€ 439), long-sleeved cotton polo shirt with embroidered La Martina logo and contrast customization on the chest (€ 199) and finally, a regular fit – always shirt with embroidered La Martina logo and personalization with Pininfarina applied to the back (€ 99).

In the capsule, luxury sportswear comes into contact with design and transformation, reflecting innovative skills, such as ultra-high-performance clothing, technology in materials and graphics, and undoubtedly performance. In Pininfarina’s program, “Moving Dreams,” we find a vision that fully reflects the philosophy of the Pininfarina brand that La Martina shares.

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La Martina
La Martina was founded in 1985 in Buenos Aires by Lando Simonetti, an Italian who grew up in Argentina, and Gachi Ferrari. Starting from Argentina, synonymous with Polo, the brand has expanded throughout the world: its presence is rooted in Europe and Latin America, in the Middle East and North Africa. With 100 single-brand stores (including flagship stores in London, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Riyadh and Cairo) and 600 multi-brand stores, the Fair Play philosophy has conquered major international markets, developing partnerships and collaborations with the most famous Ivy League universities (Harvard and Yale) and British Schools (Eton, Cambridge, and Oxford).
The main offices are in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Chiaso (Switzerland) with operating offices in London and Miami. Parallel to the ready-to-wear groups, thanks to 35 years of experience gained in the technical equipment sector – with the production of saddles, helmets and polo shoes – La Martina has become a prominent player in the sports field as well, having 2000 polo management groups. Led by Adrian Simonetti, the agency deals with many events related to the polo world, from organizing to technical support for horses and players, to sponsorship management and the latest launch of the Polo social platform.

Founded in 1930, Pininfarina is an internationally recognized design firm. With offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States, it is a unique motto in the Italian design world. Pininfarina is not the only world leader in automotive design. It has also completed more than 600 projects in various fields over nine decades and has won many international awards.

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