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Pietro Riva says “goodbye” to Petrov at the European Athletics Championships: he snatches silver but gets a yellow card

Pietro Riva says “goodbye” to Petrov at the European Athletics Championships: he snatches silver but gets a yellow card

toMarco Bonarego

Cross-country skier Pietro Riva returns to racing on Wednesday. Double yellow may result in disqualification. He apologized: “It was not a gesture directed at Petrov.”

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Amnesty International Yellow cards In athletics, the most attentive public has been accustomed to it for years. In 99% of cases it is imposed on athletes who perform False start by not anticipating the shot (In this case the live red color goes off) but moves on the blocks before the start signal. Few people know that yellow and red can also target “inappropriate behaviour” As required in a series of specific articles of technical regulations.

Precedent Filippo Torto

There was a straight red for anyone pushing a competitor off the track, and there was a yellow (awarded by an overzealous but rule-abiding referee). By Filippo Torto, who took off his jacket by Fiamme Gialle After a particularly successful 200m race at the 2023 World Championships: «I didn’t even get yellow cards for public speaking when I was playing football – the 4x100m Olympian apologized – it was something unlike me, I had never celebrated like this: “I have been recognized, and I also apologize a little.”

Apologies Reva

Yellow color for cross-country skiers Pietro Riva Sunday morning at the European Championships has few precedents. The Piedmontese addressed the Germans with a sarcastic (and inelegant) “Goodbye.” Petrov From which he received the silver medal in the last round of the half marathon, which was won by Yaman Kripa. Riva, from Piedmont, a former full-back and business student, is a polite boy in whom heat, effort and passion played a big role. Bad joke. “I just made a gesture with my hand, and it was not directed towards the person I respect so much – the athlete commented to Sky Sport – and it was certainly not intended as a disrespectful gesture towards him and towards the German athletes.” “.In athletics, as in football, a double yellow card (in the same event, Riva must also run the 10m on Wednesday) leads to disqualification.

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