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The new efficiency ranges mean that the average car consumption drops to 21 km/l

The new efficiency ranges mean that the average car consumption drops to 21 km/l

The US National Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA) has announced the launch of New fuel economy standards for light and heavy vehicles. These regulations, which will take effect over the next few years, follow the environmental direction first started by President Obama, then reversed by Trump, and now toward a new one. Declining car consumption in the US. A US government agency says it’s good for the environment and drivers Fuel cost savings of up to $800 per year.

New standards for US car consumption from 2027

Provision on new vehicle performance standards Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks It is part of the energy efficiency program that has been launched In the 70sWhen the average consumption of vehicles was 13 miles per gallon, Equivalent to approximately 6 km/l. According to the new regulations, new vehicles sold between 2027 and 2031 will be fuel efficient:

  • For them Cars +2% year;
  • for that Light trucksThere will be annual increments +2% I am my 2029-2031;

These progressive increases make it possible to achieve a average consumption Fuel Approximately 50.4 miles per gallon By the year 2031 (Around 21 km/l), less than What the US Department of Transportation Proposes for 2023, which is 55.7 mpg. This move can lead to even more savings $600/year in fuel costs over the lifetime of each vehicle.

Low consumption for American heavy trucks and vans

More severe repression For heavy trucks and vans: Increases fuel efficiency 10% per annum For vehicles 2030-2032 And8% Year after year 2033-2035. This gradual increase will bring the average consumption Approximately 35 miles per gallon in the 2035 model year (approximate). 15 km/l), thus accounting for more savings than that $700/year Fuel costs throughout the life of the vehicle. Here too the US DOT proposed 52.2 mpg, but Biden’s cut softened them.

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Economic, Environmental, and Political Implications of Car Consumption in the United States

Implementing these new standards — according to the U.S. Department of Transportation — will save more than just Americans $23 billion in fuel costswhile preventing excessive emissions 710 million tonnes CO2 in 2050. However, while CO2 is the main climate-changing gas and governments are focusing on legislating new standards and limits on vehicles, emissions produced by ICE engines also contain other dangerous compounds that affect human health. environment. In this regard, Euro 7 limits on particulates from brakes and tires will be introduced.

Transport Secretary, Pete BoutiqueHe underlined that “These standards will not only reduce the cost to consumers at the petrol pump but also help reduce harmful pollution. Reduces US dependence on foreign oil. A protectionist approach that could also be shared by Republicans returning to the US presidency, unless they decide to do a clean sweep and reset everything. “..again.”Be loyal to the slogan of the hat so beloved of Trump supporters.