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Paula Di Benedetto sends a beautiful message about body positivity

Paula Di Benedetto sends a beautiful message about body positivity

Paula de Benedetto He wanted to spread a body positive message through a post on his Instagram profile. The girl is going through a period of change, she is a little tired and not very relaxed and her skin reacts accordingly. In the photo the winner of the gf vip 4, Actually showing her face with some pimples. Here is what he wrote:

Here we are. The challenging period from many points of view: at work (and thank God he is not lacking. But he stresses, and how he tightens). In private life (because in short, we are still human beings with emotions). And let’s take a nice step, too. Let me be clear: I am happy and satisfied. But let’s say relaxation and calm are two completely different things. So what is my skin doing? talking to me. He’s telling me “Bao, maybe we need to slow down a bit!” And how do we actually blame her?

the by Benedetto He went on to say that man is full of flaws. Moreover, he cannot stand the perfectionism that dominates social networks and stated that he decided to spread this message to tell those who feel wrong that they should instead accept themselves as they are.

I know that in a few weeks or maybe months, all of this will be gone, who knows. But in the meantime, I’ve learned to know myself and to accept the fact that being human also means accepting that we are imperfect, weak, and constantly changing. Tomorrow we will not be like today, another lack will appear, an expression line, white hair. that’s good! Who said we can’t live our changes in complete calm? Who wrote these rules for you? And above all, who says it always has to be this way?

I’m not there. I’m a human. And I don’t want to be perfect. Perfection disgusts me. And I’ll tell you, it also bores me a lot.
I’m not posting this picture to get popularity approval, but because I really want to connect with you. Connect with you at this moment that you are reading and you are disgusting. Because you see yourself as fat, unfit, ugly, loser. You are fine just as you are.

at the end, Paula She said that she can’t believe what she sees on social media because with a few tricks it’s easy to change the reality of things and look perfect as she turned to those who will wonder what happened to her skin.

And believe me, almost nothing you see here on social media is really what it sounds like. Good makeup, two filters, proper lighting, some post-production changes and that’s it. Just to say. However, I feel really good even with these pimples on my face, and I want to do the same things as always, rubbing shoulders with them if some bitch says: “Oh my God, but what happened to his face? by Benedetto?! “ assholes stay assholes. But for others, there is hope.