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Patch 9 is coming, game release in 2023 confirmed -

Patch 9 is coming, game release in 2023 confirmed –

Larian Studio has provided some interesting updates on the development progress Baldur Gate 3which will soon receive a file patch 9 And from 2023 release date to be confirmed In the latest version of the game.

So Patch 9 should be available by the end of 2022, so now it’s the next 5 or 6 weeks, more detailed new information will necessarily have to arrive in the coming days.

maybe during the right Painting from Hell expected in Decemberon the occasion of the holidays, during which another point of the situation on the Baldur Gate 3 will be clarified.

On this occasion, or during the presentation event scheduled for December, more accurate news will also arrive about the arrival of the full version of the game and possibly the official release date, which at this point has been confirmed for 2023, given that the progress of the works appears to be in line with the program.

In this regard, Larian explained that Acts 2 and 3 Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently in the advanced gameplay testing phase, which shows how pretty much the contents have already been finalized and in place, with recent modifications and ritual clean up.

Emphasizing the progress made in development and also the progress the team has made so far, Larian also presented New motion capture studio It recently opened in Guilford, England, specifically to continue the recording sessions for the 3rd floor gate, which is indicative of the scale that production has reached.

The game’s eighth update arrived last July, bringing the Bard class with it, at this point we’re waiting for the December panel for more information.

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