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Patch 1.09 is surprisingly available, let's see the details -

Patch 1.09 is surprisingly available, let’s see the details –

Our last 2 Receive a new one واحد patch 1.09.0 In these hours it is a rather surprising release from Naughty Dog, as the update was not expected and the thing was not announced by any official communication, so let’s see details That appeared, awaiting further clarification.

Remember, The Last of Us 2 received the free update 1.08 in May with the addition of the a الوضع mode 60fps for PS5, which made the upgrade work largely complete, at least for the period. Obviously, the developers had to get their hands on the code to solve some minor annoyance, given that the new update seems to include no news in terms of content but to work on the game with some patches.

The patch is very small, approx 96 MB Thus it appears as a kind of “hotfix” that aims to fix some deficiencies that appeared in the game, possibly after the previous big update. According to official communications, it appears to be a minor update with “general bug fixes and improvements”.

More specifically, as reported by some users, as also reported by MP1ST, it appears that the patch Fix timer problem It is set within the game, which appeared after a 60fps update.

We also remember that The Last of Us 2 celebrated its first anniversary these weeks.

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