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Outcast Reaction (video)

Outcast Reaction (video)

L’Isola dei Famosi fans decided that Nicolas Vaporidis is the frontrunner for the finals.

The first has been opened the television dedicated to choosing The first finalists From the sixteenth edition of Celebrity IslandDuring his last episode, ilary plassiAnd the audience decided the reward Nicholas Vaporidis. The subject after hitting Carmen de Petro And the Mercedes Hinger With a ratio so high, he was almost bewildered and in the studio everyone wanted to know his thoughts.

Famous Island, Nicholas Vaporidis fly to the final

Halfway to the sixteenth edition competitors of Celebrity Island. there the last getting closer and closer and Elari PlusI called during the last live broadcast on channel 5, The first decreed vote The first finalists of the reality show It is located in Honduras. like him, Carmen de PetroAnd the Mercedes Hinger And the Nicholas Vaporidis They found themselves against each other in the television And it was the actor who won with 47% preferences of the public. The audience that immediately flocked to social media to comment on the untouchable victory, is definitely among the favorites of this version.

if in the beginning Nicholas who picked up Nick before the live broadcasthe gave the impression that he is very self-confident and ready to put discord in the group, the onlookers The island They had to change their minds, and the actor is given credit for introducing many of the dynamics that wowed viewers. reaction Nicholas However, upon the news of her victory, she was not too excited and plassi Request an explanation.

“I am glad that I started on the first day, and reaching the ninety-ninth day is very satisfying, for my change and the path I have taken. I am really happy, but at the same time a little surprised. I learned here not to take anything for granted, it is true that I would have wished but I did not I wasn’t sure. Getting these comments from people surprises me […] I know I don’t like many people, and that’s okay, but my real victory here is to be recognized by those who know me. I’ll try to be myself as much as possible, even if it doesn’t work for me often.”

Nicholassincerely sincere in his appointment a First Finalist at L’Isola, admitted that he could not believe that he had received such an award from the audience, realizing that he had revealed himself many times even in the dynamics of combustion. what or what Vaporides What ignores her is that her complete absence of barriers has made her one of the most lovable outcasts in this edition. Who will be the next finalist?

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