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"Original pictures", here are the aliens - Libero Quotidiano

“Original pictures”, here are the aliens – Libero Quotidiano

A video that really seems to be able to clear any doubts: Aliens are among us. The last close encounter was filmed during a military training for American Navy, Off the coast of San Diego. The video you shared Jeremy Corbel, A famous researcher and documentary filmmaker of such a phenomenon, shows a sphere closely following the US warship USS Omaha.

This is the second video related to seemingly inexplicable facts that happened during training in July 2019. The photos were recorded by the crew on board And the Pentagon confirms that this is a real video.

In the video, we also see a small circular object flying over the ocean, which, after some evolution, suddenly sinks. In the video, a voice can be heard chanting: “Look, he’s coming … now he’s drowning!”

Lue Elizondo, A former Pentagon service officer using his credentials to study Pentagon documents related to unidentified UFOs, he told New York Post UFOs would be able to travel in space, in the sky, and navigate underwater.

Click here to watch the watch video

To be precise, the video in question was shot by a smartphone inside Combat Information Center Ship, a special division that is subject to the maximum security regulations, as it is not even permitted to use cell phones. Jeremy Korbel also added to Fox 8 Station, which a submarine later searched for the alleged UFO deep in the ocean, but was unable to find it.

Lessons during which the film was recorded Three warships are involved Coming from the San Diego area: There will be multiple records of UFO strikes, which have long been tracking star and stripe units. The record also states that an unknown flying object followed a destroyer for ninety minutes in a row.

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