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That fire call.  Tracy thus files Giuseppe

That fire call. Tracy thus files Giuseppe

Yes, by calling on Wednesday. Giuseppe Conte immediately warmed up. “It simply came to our notice then. This is really a low blow. “On the other hand, Mario Draghi was as cool and respectful as usual.” I could not wait any longer. Sorry, the situation became unbearable. I was overwhelmed by the demonstrations. More stories, more rumors. I have decided to change. ” An ambassador to replace the general. A breakthrough. Fresh air. After all, four months after Palazzo left Ciki, in a very different political setting, how can one think that the former prime minister will continue to control 007?

But no, he didn’t take it well. “Outraged,” they say from Cinque Stell. “By the grace of God,” says a Grillino minister. Tracy, on the other hand, drove the whole group of his men one by one from the button rooms and took the last toy, which was very delicate, and that was the management of the secret services. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister tried to use tactics as much as possible. After deciding on the change, Guerrero supported and even consulted with Bernoni, Luigi de Mayo, who had worked for two years in Fornacina. “The best choice – the foreign minister commented – but now before we make the news official, we have to warn Giuseppe”.

“Okay,” the prime minister agreed, picking up the phone immediately to inform his predecessor. Initially, they say, Conte was radioactive and almost excited. “Mario, what a pleasure to hear from you, you never know how happy I am for this phone call.” But then, when he understood the real title of the interview, he went into a rage. “No, you can’t do that. Think again.” Tracy did not change his mind. “Personally nothing, I do not even know this old man. But the choice is made. At this point the conversation seems to have deteriorated. Conde raised his voice further and further as Draki kept his mood. Giuseppe expressed his disappointment. “The phone call did not end properly.

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Patience, Tracy should have been told. Instead, Conte continued to smoke with rage. “I supported him with the movement, I paved the way for him,” he tried with his parents. Angered by the setback, after Arkuri and Bonaparte’s torpedo, another act of suspension, distant, which weakens him for the most part, stars in relations with the Democrats and in the battle for the presidency of five. De Mayo scored points in the infighting for Grillini in this match. “Giuseppe asked for guarantees for his heir to stay in Vechion,” they say from the M5s. However, Supermario also rejected the last pressure.

Friends never, but so far the forms have been followed, and the goodwill of the ceremony between the incumbent Prime Minister and the previous Prime Minister is always respected. But it is the good habits of the situation. In fact, Conte has been feeling the dragon’s breath around his neck for over a year, enjoying its weight and weight. “I talked to him and he told me he was tired after so many years in Frankfurt and wanted to relax,” he said, referring to what he said at a meeting in Chernobyl. In fact, he was asleep.