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"Only the best games are remembered, no one cares about titles"

“Only the best games are remembered, no one cares about titles”

Play Station It is the home of several highly successful series and games, some of which have been able to give fans great vibes for years now. Sony It always aims to achieve the best quality results through its products, in order to create strong brands that can be carried forward generation after generation.

During an interview with the Chinese portal TTMPost, President Sony Interactive EntertainmentAnd the Jim RyanFocus on the importance of creating excellent quality products and how often it is necessary to take all the time needed to develop the game in the best possible way rather than rushing it at any cost. For Ryan, more time will increase the chances of creating not only great video games, but also works that will be remembered over time.

I realized that it’s better to wait and get a great game than to rush into its development and get an acceptable or only good game‘ explains the chief Playstation Studios By answering a question regarding a major game’s development times that often last a long time. “Players remember only the best games – Ryan continues – Not acceptable titles. If the game is excellent, players will want a sequel to it and will also want to buy it accordingly. Nobody really cares about a good game. Of course, for financial and production reasons, we push developers to complete specific titles within the given time frame, but in general we don’t want products that are perfect, we want the maximum result.“.

Ryan further explains according to his view on the characteristics A Excellence game: “I think the best games are able to evoke different emotions in players. It can make them feel cheerful, it can give them adrenaline, or it can make them feel sad or happy. I believe that the best gaming experiences should allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game and experience different emotions“.

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Based on the words of the SIE chief, it is possible to better understand the reason Sony refused to develop Days Gone 2, given the average in المتوسط Metacritic Unconvincing for the first chapter, which would fall into the “acceptable” group of games the Japanese giant would like to avoid. Playstation studios latest production Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, the latest episode of a historical series running since 2002: To find out more, you can read our episodes Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart . Review.