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"Only if you agree ...".  "Plastun" Rebellion: Jar trembles

“Only if you agree …”. “Plastun” Rebellion: Jar trembles

12 officers Krasnodar National Guard, Engaged in an exercise in the Crimea from the beginning of February, they refused to take part in the conflict in Ukraine, instead asked to stay where they are. This is news that has been circulating for the past few hours.

In fact, some Russian newspapers claim that on February 25, 12 soldiers, especially 11 fighters and the battalion commander of the OMON operating company “Plastun” received orders to leave for Ukraine, but were denied. This led to them termination of employmentIt happened on the first of March.

Officers are now represented by attorneys Michael Benash, Who explained their reasons. The National Guard soldiers, who refused to leave for Ukraine, justified their choice by saying that they considered it illegal to cross the borders of the Russian Federation without a regular passport. Among the reasons, even those who want to be in Russian territory to fulfill their official duties. The soldiers claim that they have not been informed of the possibility of a special mission for Ukraine and that is why they have not given their consent. Officers were then summoned, subjected to an official inspection, and later fired. They are now suing for re-employment.

Interviewed MedusaConsidered a press protest, said lawyer Michael Benoit RepublicThat“In the event of a continuing conflict, or emergency or martial law, the terms of the contract may be changed for 6 months without the consent of the parties concerned, but there is no contradiction, only one Special military action. And the law does not provide anything about it. So, you can go to the Rosquardia officer Ukraine, but only if you agree. Benjamin said he had received about 200 requests for help and that other players were ready to leave. Another Russian lawyer, Pavel Chikov, reported similar stories in the Telegram: The cases of 12 soldiers have taken place in the Crimea, Novgorod, Omsk and Stavropol. After all, there was no talk of counter-terrorism or organized crime, and not everyone felt like participating in the conflict in Ukraine. There is evidence to speak of real austerity events among the Russian team, but the news should be taken with due caution.

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Alexei Navalny, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s best opponents, talks about leaving the party. The activist group recently aired an audio recording of an interview with the Russian military, probably intercepted in Ukraine, in which special forces of the Irkutsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk factions talk about those who do not want to take part in the conflict in Ukraine. There is a lot of information related to Abandonment Or abandoned, some of which were spread by the British secret services, but it was not always possible to verify them. According to reports, 300 soldiers from Ossetia have decided to return to their territory after taking part in missions in some of the cities captured by the Russians.