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On Sunday, a cold front of rain and snow approaches

On Sunday, a cold front of rain and snow approaches

Weather forecast for Sunday, April 21

Let's prepare for another worsening weather Sunday with the arrival of a new cyclone bringing rain and snow up to the mountains..
In short, even the holiday has every intention of following a fickle trend these days.

Let's go step by step: starting from parts NordThe pressure is expected to ease due to the announced fresh inflows Cyclone spin. The day, however, will start with more favorable weather: in a very cold weather for that period, the morning will be characterized by mainly clear or slightly cloudy skies.
However, in the afternoon, the weather will gradually deteriorate, starting from the Alps and moving towards the plains, especially the mid-west. This change will not only bring scattered rain snowfall above 700 meters Elevation, daytime snowfall tends to decrease in altitude and areas become whiter Hilly.

As for the regions Center, a small increase in pressure will be observed instead. Mornings can still provide the latest Rain or thunderstormsConcentrated mainly in Abruzzo and Molise, snow is expected to start 1200 meters in height. However, a rapid improvement in weather conditions in these areas is expected from early morning, so that the second part of the day will pass in a decidedly calm weather environment everywhere.

Apart from a few, we reach the southern corner of our country where a clear improvement in weather is expected from morning. the rain Intermittent and weak, but disappears quickly. In AfternoonIn fact, the weather environment is a classification More stability. The sky is mostly cloudless, except for local and harmless accumulations in the northern Calabrian mountains.

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