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One way ticket from China to USA

One way ticket from China to USA

A few months after the Chinese ban Cryptovolute, Somewhat related to the new maneuvers against capital aircraft and the energy crisis in the East, the United States New leaders Of Mining International. Escape from reality China The change of major mining centers seems to have spread to many countries, but key locations are clearly identified:

  • United States
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • Canada

Two European companies now appear in the top ten internationally: Ireland and Germany. Basically confirmed Early records: Areas have been identified on the basis of some distance (to replace machines already in operation), some on the basis of energy expenditure and some on the background of the political structure may cause fear crypto sector.

Mining, goodbye China

The Chinese maneuver was abrupt and determined: every activity related to cryptocurrencies was quickly banned and the mining centers had very little time to decide what to do with their centers: to some extent they “disappeared” centers in the country, but in any case it happened within a quarter. Today miners are elsewhere, looking for their fortunes in the West after the eastern energy pipelines closed very quickly.

According to the first analyzes, the value of cryptocurrencies is a significant shock that weighs heavily. On the contrary, it is not so: The Bitcoin It reached new heights and then reached new heights, operating in an almost segregated way with respect to the new geopolitical structure that was taking shape.

Inevitably, the diligence and critical transformation of energy-intensive operations such as mining can only create imbalances: if the United States were perhaps willing to absorb its operations (indeed, even Miami) Encouraging), Countries like Kazakhstan have faced some problems in supplying electricity and it is up to them to decide at the political level whether to allow the operations of a sector that is complicated during the energy crisis.

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China has always been number one in international mining and has dominated for many years. The siege is sudden and intense, with no room for second thoughts: the move toward the United States speaks volumes about a new leadership that will not be weakened in the years to come, and the United States is applying as a new center of international power. To the world of cryptocurrencies. This is, at the very least, from a technical point of view: how much to support or prevent this type of movement now depends on politics and finances.

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