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On YouTube there are many gameplay videos -

On YouTube there are many gameplay videos –

The Last of Us Part 1 was a victim a leakas happened to Chapter Two at the time of launch: up Youtube Many appeared gameplay video Also very long, which can anticipate the story for those who don’t know it yet.

The Naughty Dog franchise seems particularly unfortunate in this regard: you’ll surely remember that the first trailer for The Last of Us ended online hours before the announcement, but it didn’t stop there.

Over the weeks, many videos of the game have appeared, some of which are incomplete and of low quality and yet enough to unleash it fierce controversy About the differences with the modified version of the game released on PS4.

The authors of some of these videos uploaded to YouTube appear to be very young, so it’s possible that the leak doesn’t come from copies of Part One of The Last of Us submitted to the press for reviews, but most likely from Broken Day One.

So if you still don’t know the story behind the first chapter of the Naughty Dog series, the advice is always the same: pay attention to social networks because there is a real risk of encountering unwanted developments.

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