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Omigron variant, "no patient contact in Lombardy"

Omigron variant, “no patient contact in Lombardy”

Omigron variant of govt disease confirmed by Lombardy Regional Welfare, after in-depth analysis and tracing of the first Italian patient case In the Lombardy area he did not interact with others at work or in the work environment. More specifically, the patient arrived in Milan on the evening of November 15 and arrived at the hotel with a rental car rented by the company, which the councilor reconstructed on a note, and the person had dinner alone at a hotel. Room where only another person was, but located on the opposite side. He has no contact with hotel staff.

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At 8pm on November 16th, still in the car, he reached the hospital to do the swap he needed for his company, which had to go to Mozambique on the evening of the 16th. When the swap was over he drove to another hospital. Magazines distributed to Eni staff, always wearing personal protective equipment; Immediately afterwards he reached another hospital for further visit, at the end of which he took the car to reach the Fyamicino airport where he had to go to Mozambique. During a trip to Rome he received a call from a talented doctor who told him he was positive, Which is why he decided to return to his family in Caserta.

He never went to work in Milan. With great caution, the case was reported to the hospitals that went for the surveillance of the health workers who visited.