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Don't want 5S Vote Trust?  Here are the numbers: what happens in the Senate

Don’t want 5S Vote Trust? Here are the numbers: what happens in the Senate

The problem isn’t about the numbers, they’re not in question, there’s no doubt about that. The question will be purely political: if the 5 Star Movement actually leaves the room during the vote of confidence in the Senate on the aid decree, unavoidable situations may open up. The date circled in red is Thursday 14th July: in Palazzo Madama Grillini can decide to leave the classroom without voting “no”. But the consequences can be completely unpredictable.


Concerns are not dictated by the numerical factor, as even without M5S’s support, the majority would still be large. to Senate 62 of the 321 members are in the Quota 5 Star movement, a low number following the split triggered by Luigi Di Maio with many coming in the new group: a majority with the Pentastellati can get 276 votes on paper, but in the end without 5S it will be reduced to 214 (161 votes needed). As the opposition stops at 45, the gap remains wide.

Further Room The numbers don’t balance. The movement has 105 representatives out of 630: currently a majority can get 630 votes, while without the support of the pentastellati it would go to 455 (the minimum vote is 316). Resistance will be 70. A 5S option may be considered at that time External supportBut Prime Minister Mario Draghi was clear: “This will be the last legislative government under which I will be the Prime Minister“So there will be a crisis.

Shadow of crisis

The movement’s dilemma in voting for aid dl concerns the existence of a norm that lays the groundwork for its implementation. Waste-to-energy plant in Rome. Not forgetting the suppression of resident income and superbonus at 110%. This is why Crillini is considering leaving the chamber: in their view it would not endanger the government, but in reality it would be a political move that would open up strong instability.

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So, underline Corriere della Sera, the problem will be deeply political. We have to see what the reaction actually is Palazzo Sigi, it certainly doesn’t like 5 stars leaving the classroom. A non-vote may be considered a genuine act of disbelief, leading to one Government crisis. Builders try to avoid tearing, but the tones and tension levels are not good.

Reported by Print, openings are seen in the horizon, but severe fibrillations are present. “We need Draghi’s public release, a declaration that this opening has been accomplished“, they inform from Kantian circles. A move to vote for faith. However, at the moment, a clear positive signal that not yet.

In the background Giuseppe Conte An answer is awaited from Mario Draghi in the next few days: during the face-to-face meeting, a document of priorities was presented, the fundamental issues on which a change of pace from the current line is expected. “We want real and decisive answers by July“, warned the leader of the movement. He knew very well that if it broke, he would lay the grave in the alliance. Democratic Party. So Enrico Letta can say goodbye to the dream of a new olive tree.